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Easy Access to Student Account Credentials for Teachers.
Posted On:
Monday, September 25, 2017

September 25, 2017

The following FAQ has been added to the Welcome and FAQs Section of the ITPDC District-Wide Info Notebook:

FAQ:  How can I find my students' account credentials? 

Student email addresses and passwords are readily available to Teachers by selecting the field set Student Name, Email, and Password while in the Student Top Tab.   

***Students' technology equipment user name is the part of their email address the precedes  From this view, teachers can easily identify where long names are truncated.   


For most software accounts, student account credentials are created in an automated process that includes the username, email, and or password. 


Use the following links to learn more about finding student account credentials and information: 

JCS Field Set Menus

This page contains guidance for accessing a list of student names, emails, and passwords.


School Account Section

This section contains a page for each school that includes a list of district-provided online resources, direct links to those resources, information on student account access and/or set up information. 

**Please note that you will be directed to a template page, be sure to find and use your School Specific Page.   


Please select this share link to access the ITPDC District-Wide Notebook.  JCBOE Office 365 credentials will be required.  Once you access the notebook from your account once, it should always be available to you in the future.  If you would like more information or support on using OneNote or any of the Office 365 Applications provided by Jefferson County Schools, please reach out to Amy Sharp, Deedra Hillard, or visit the Professional Development Center Page for a list of upcoming learning opportunities.