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Teddy Bear Parade 2017
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Teddy Bear Parade
Teddy Bear Parade

Teddy Bear Parade 2017

The annual Teddy Bear Parade was a great success!! DES welcomed all of our new Kindergarten students as they paraded their Teddy Bear Floats throughout the school.  They were met with cheers and signs and lots of parent support!  This parade is the highlight of the beginning of the year!  Our Kindergarten teachers and assistants did a great job of leading and helping them through the building!  All the students were really excited to see the new floats!


A Great Tribe of Teachers!


Ready to go! 

Cute floats and kids!!

Ready to go kids?  Let's go Cubs!

On our way!!

Here we go!!!

Everyone is ready!  Let's go!!

All smiles!

A rolling circus!




I can't believe my baby is this big!

YES! Here they come!!

What else is there to do on this Friday afternoon?  Welcome Kindergarteners!!!!

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