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Digital Transformation in 4th Grade at DES
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Monday, April 22, 2019
Mrs. Haynes' 4th Grade Class
Mrs. Haynes' 4th Grade Class
Fourth-Grade students at Dandridge Elementary School are using Canvas to show what they know, cut down on paper usage and streamline my grading process, all while gaining valuable 21st Century Job-Ready technology skills. We were super excited to find that Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is included on our Windows 10 update.  This amazing software allows my students to type and highlight on PDF files that I upload and assign in Canvas.  

Teacher Tips:

  • Teachers use these steps to assign PDFs to your students.

    • Create a new assignment in the appropriate Canvas Module.
    • Title and save the new assignment.
    • Select the option to edit the assignment.
    • Scroll down and select the option to Upload New File.
    • Choose and open the PDF.
    • Upload the file.
    • Edit grading and assignment details. 
    • Choose the Online Submission option, then select BOTH (1) Text Entry and (2) File Upload.
    • Save and publish the assignment.
  • Students use these steps to complete and submit the assignment:

    • Select the appropriate assignment.
    • Click on the PDF File Name to download the file.
    • Minimize the browser window
    • Open downloads folder and open the file that assignment file.
    • The file should open in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC by default.
    • Select the Fill and Sign option to add text, circles, checks, X, or highlights to any area of the PDF.
    • Save the edited assignment.
    • Maximize the Browser window and select Submit Assignment in Canvas to upload the assignment.

Lisa Haynes, 4th Grade Teacher

Dandridge Elementary School

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