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Dandridge Cubs Sweep Basketball Championship!
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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Dandridge Cubs Sweep Basketball Championship

Congratulations to our girls and boys basketball team for winning the Jefferson County Elementary School Basketball Tournament.  Both teams defeated the Mount Horeb Hawks!  All teams participated with great sportsmanship!  The girls won with a score of 29-16 and the boys won with a very close score of 23-21.  Both teams work very hard this season to continue to improve!  More information about the season can be found at The Standard Banner Website .  There is much more infomation about it at The Jefferson County Post Website as well with a former Dandridge Elementary School Student Lacy Miller reporting.  By clicking on both links you may find more information about this season as well as other things happening in our community!  Congratulations again Cubs!  We are so proud of you!!!




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