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Read to Be An Animal Lover
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Sunday, July 02, 2017
Mr. Geko
Mr. Geko

Read to Be an Animal Lover

The last week of Read To Be Ready Camp was one full of animals.  Students read many books about animals.  Students were given the chance to see animals, read about animals, write about animals and make crafts about animals.  Student were taken to the Knoxville Zoo as a treat to end camp.  This four weeks of camp have been amazing for our students and teachers.  A HUGE thank you to Mr. Arnold for being the best cook in the town and making sure each child and teacher was fed well. Thank you to  Mrs. Price for her hard work and endless hours of work to make sure everything went smoothly during camp and all the teachers and the hard work they put in to make each day count!  A special thank you to Kamden, Avaleigh and Emma for helping with first grade each day and the Carson Newman students who helped with second and third grade.

Actual Size of Ape hand and child hand.


Birds nest as a treat to go with There's A Bird On my Head.

Books bring smiles!

Three eggs to eat.

Our special guest! Mr. Geko!

The new tiger exhibit.


Our last adventure for the summer!


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