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Car Rider Dissmissal Information


Dandridge Elementary School Car Rider Dismissal

Car Rider Dismissal will be as follows:

1. K-2 students will be dismissed at 3:00 to first grade hall. Older siblings of these

students will also be dismissed. (Kindergarten students, following staggered

enrollment, will be on the right side of the hall, sitting closest to the lobby. They

may be "double-stacked" if necessary.) Students will be silent in order to hear

names as they are announced. Each grade level has a certain place to sit. We will

have two teachers and a safety patrol student on this hall.

There is a speaker in first grade hall for students to hear when their car is here.

When a student’s name is called, he/she will walk out front and a teacher or safety

patrol student will help him/her to his/her car.

At approximately 3:15, third through fifth grade car riders will be dismissed to first

grade hall. Outside, there will be teachers and several Safety Patrol students.


2. Parents will need to obtain a car tag for this school year. As we’ve done in the past,

one tag will be given, and others may be purchased for $1.00 each. If

parents/guardians know there will be multiple people picking the student up, we

encourage them to go ahead and purchase that many tags the first few days of


At dismissal, if a car doesn’t have a tag, the teacher calling names will ask the driver

to pull over and park. Mrs. Ellis, or a teacher on duty, will go to the car and ask to

see a photo ID. The student’s dismissal form, which includes those able to pick up

the child, will be checked to see if that person can, in fact, pick up. The form will also

tell us who cannot pick up a student. If no one in the car is designated to pick up,

Mrs. Ellis, or a teacher on duty, will then call the parents to verify. Only when we

have an okay from the parent will we allow the student to leave. During this time,

the student stays at his/her dismissal place.


3. Thank you for understanding that, while it may not speed up dismissal, we do know

that it is safer for our students. That is our goal.