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Ms. McBride and Ms. Gann's 4th Grade Supply List


Fourth Grade Supply List

Dandridge Elementary School

Ms. McBride and Ms. Gann

1 pair Safety Scissors

 1 pack #2 pencils (or mechanical pencils with a supply of lead)

 2 Glue sticks 

 3 Marbled Composition books (no spiral notebooks)

 1  2 inch 3-ring notebook (No trapper keeper)

 2 packs wide ruled notebook paper

 5 pack Tabbed Dividers with Pockets

 1 box colored pencils

 1 pencil pouch to keep in binder (no boxes please)

 1 box of tissues

 Backpack (It needs to be big enough for a sheet of paper to fit in with no wheels)

 $15 School Fee

A personal pair of headphones/ear buds in a Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name.


Black Dry-Erase Markers and an Eraser (an old sock works great)

Clipboard                                                         Index Cards

Pink Pearl erasers or pencil top erasers           Post-It Notes

3 pack Highlighters in various colors