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Mrs. Haynes and Mrs. Mynatt's 4th Grade Supply List

Mrs. Haynes and Mrs. Mynatt's 

4th Grade Supply List




 1 pair safety scissors 


 1 pack of #2 pencils or mechanical pencils with a supply of lead 


1 handheld pencil sharpener 


 2 glue sticks 


1 spiral notebook 


 4 composition books (marbled) 


 4 two pocket folders with prongs 


2 packs wide ruled notebook paper 


 1 box colored pencils 


 1 pencil pouch to keep in backpack (no boxes please) 


 1 box of tissues 


 1 backpack (it needs to be big enough for a sheet of paper to fit  


      in it with NO WHEELS) 


 $15 School Fee 


A personal pair of headphones/ear buds in a Ziplock bag labeled with  


     your child’s name.   


                                                      Wish List:                                                     


 Fine tip black dry erase markers and an eraser  


        (an old clean sock works great)             


Pink pearl erasers or pencil top erasers 


 Post-It Notes                                            


 Blue, yellow, pink highlighters